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Your Gateway to Chemrez Technologies and Natura Aeropack

Chemrez LLC proudly represents both Chemrez Technologies and Natura Aeropack, channeling their premium, eco-friendly products to a worldwide clientele.

A subsidiary of the esteemed D&L Group of Companies, Chemrez Technologies is at the forefront of crafting eco-responsible chemical solutions. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and local community advancement in the Philippines is unwavering.

Natura Aeropack, in contrast, delves into harnessing the natural potency of coconut-based components. With a robust R&D foundation and sustainable production approaches, they present an assortment of tailored, top-tier products.

As the global bridge connecting these entities, Chemrez LLC upholds rigorous benchmarks for excellence and ecological stewardship. Our product suite encompasses diverse surfactants, emollients, natural preservatives, and specialty blends, reflecting the fundamental principles of our founding companies.

Engage with Chemrez LLC for a selection of thoughtful and high-efficacy products, tailored to address contemporary demands while preserving the environment for future generations.

D&L Logo
D&L Industries, Inc., parent company started operation by outsourcing colorants for plastic industry.​



D&L was incorporated; diversified into manufacturing, marketing and distribution of colorants, various chemicals and additives for the plastic, paint and ink industries.
Opened their 2nd plant, an aerosol can-making and filling facility which gives birth to
Aero-Pack Logo



D&L started its oleochemical business as Chemrez, Inc.
D&L Industries fully acquired



Natura Aeropack Corporation Logo
was established.
Start of construction of
26-hectare manufacturing facility.



Start of commercial operations

Our Vision

To excel and be the leader in the industries we serve

Our Mission

To be the dependable source for sustainably sourced, high-quality coco-oleochemicals. We aim to set the highest standards for a global marketplace that appreciates performance and quality with utmost responsibility for the people and the planet


We believe that progress and development can be realized only through the collaborative efforts of each member of our organization. We dedicate ourselves to meeting customers' expectations and needs by providing them the best value from our innovative products and services. We have the passion for excellence in conducting our business.


Our innovative products are developed through continuous research and innovation. New technologies are regularly incorporated to improve product performance and manufacturing processes. Our resources continue to be expanded and strengthened and every development is in response to you, our business partner.


We work hand in hand with our partners to identify and meet their needs, from conceptualization to commercialization. Our after-sales services include regular visits from personnel, and troubleshooting our customers' problems regarding raw materials, production process, machine, product applications or even product design.


We aim to contribute positively to the environment, society, and the long-term viability of its business. The company believes that sustainable practices are crucial for building a resilient and prosperous future for generations to come.