Enrichment Through Partner Innovation

Chemrez LLC specializes in delivering eco-friendly, coconut-derived ingredients designed for personal care, household, and industrial applications. Committed to both human well-being and environmental sustainability, we offer low-carbon footprint solutions that enable brands to develop products that align with the values of today’s conscious consumer.

Brands We Offer

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Clean. Green. Sustainable

Embrace sustainability with our natural, eco-friendly ingredients. Made from all the goodness of coconut.

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Markets We Serve

Empowering businesses with our specialized services

  • Personal Care and Hygiene Personal Care and Hygiene
  • Health and Nutrition Health and Nutrition
  • Home Care and I&I Home Care and I&I
  • Crop-Science Crop Science
  • Petroleum & Oilfield Chemical Petroleum & Oilfield Chemical
  • Polymer & Additives Polymer & Additives
  • Paint and Coatings Paint and Coatings
  • Building and Construction Building and Construction
  • Composites Composites


Our green products have reached many corners of the globe through our advanced, low carbon footprint facilities, with the support of capable formulators and chemists; thereby giving your brand a more sustainable supply chain to serve future generations.

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