Mild, Natural and Sustainable Rinse-off Formulations with SAVONEL 869

Rinse-off products like hand soaps have always been a staple in every household. Its use has certainly become a health necessity when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

With the frequent hand-washing that doctors recommend to protect ourselves against COVID-19, and fight against the bacteria and viruses, consumers have experienced skin dryness and irritation. This is due to the chemicals that some hand soaps contain. Some even have harmful ingredients like SLS and SLES – surfactants that can strip off the natural oils of the skin. Hence, conscious consumers then clamor for products that are both skin-friendly and still provide extra protection against COVID-19.


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SAVONEL 869 (INCI Name: Potassium Cocoate) is natural surfactant derived from coconut oil with the built-in moisturizing properties. What is unique with SAVONEL 869 is that it can be used in neutral to slightly acidic formulations unlike other potassium soaps available in the market. It is highly-beneficial for our skin since it is closer to our skin’s pH which is pH 5.5.

If we are to compare the EWG rating of SAVONEL 869 against Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), a common surfactant used in hand soaps and other personal care products, SAVONEL 869 or Potassium Cocoate has lower EWG rating. This means that SAVONEL 869 is safer to use in rinse-off formulations. (Please see images below.) Furthermore, SAVONEL 869 is dermatologically-tested and proven to be non-irritating.

ewg's skin deep


In personal care rinse-off formulations – especially for hand soaps, the foaming property is an essential factor for most consumers. This sensorial experience enhances the feel of the product’s cleansing ability. Based on the conducted sensory evaluation of ten panelists, foam quality of both SLES and SAVONEL 869-based hand soap were comparably similar. A noteworthy observation also shown in the graph below is that SAVONEL 869’s rinsing ability is better than that of the SLES. This is highly significant due to environmental implications – SAVONEL 869 would require less use of clean water, thus ensuring water conservation.

sufravon 869 application properties

SAVONEL 869 is excellent to use not only for hand & body formulations, but also for hair care rinse-off formulations as well. Based on the in-house study conducted, SAVONEL 869-based shampoos can retain hair color better than SLES-based shampoos.

sufravon 869 color wash fastness


Sustainability is a growing consumer trend since most are becoming extra aware on how to care and preserve the environment due to the pandemic. With this, more consumers are looking for products that are natural, safe and effective. Products with SAVONEL 869 can greatly help rinse-off formulations achieve higher natural rating because it is a COSMOS-certified ingredient. Furthermore, it is EO-free, Sulfate-free and easily biodegrades which can help preserve our environment.



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