Natural & Sustainable Moisturizing Butter | Cerin® CB100

As we get older, our skin needs extra care. Signs of aging include loss of suppleness, smoothness and appearance of fine lines on our skin. During the cold season when the air is dry, daily moisturizing is a must.  Finding the right one in the market that ensures deep moisturization can be tricky as some moisturizers can go from light to ultra-heavy, leaving a sticky feeling which may be uncomfortable to use and may also clog your pores.

For centuries, Shea Butter has remained a popular ingredient in skin care and cosmetic products due to its wonderful benefits on the skin. Recently however, rising unease regarding its sustainability have led to formulators to search elsewhere for an alternative ingredient that can give the same benefits as Shea Butter without harming the environment.

Enter the “miracle” discovery, coconut butter.


INCI Name: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil


99.9% Natural, ecocert, cruelty-free, sustainable certification logos

The moisturizing properties of the coconut has long been known, along with its various benefits to the skin.  New technology has given birth to a new and improved natural ingredient – Coconut Butter.

Cerin® CB100 or Coconut Butter is the natural emollient derived from coconut that addresses formulators’ concerns. With a rich and soothing texture, coconut butter is light in color and leaves no coconut smell and non-greasy feel. It will not affect the properties of lotion and cream products, allowing formulators to have more flexibility in formulating.


cb100 melting point range graph

Cerin® CB100 has a lower melting point than the rest of the butter samples. Its melting point range is also closer to body temperature which means it easily spreads on skin and will impart a less-greasy feel.

This is essential in formulating emulsions like lotions and creams. It can provide extra moisturization in products with smooth, non-tacky feel.


cb-100 tewl measurement graph

Lotion with Cerin® CB100 has significantly lower TEWL than the lotion sample with Shea Butter. This means that Cerin® CB100 can greatly improve the skin’s ability to hold moisture.


cb-100 sensory evaluation

The sensory evaluation showed the following observations:

✔  Better spreadability and play time with Cerin® CB100

✔  Better absorption and lesser tackiness with Cerin® CB100

✔  Comparable smoothness creating the thin, protective film on top of the skin

cb-100 sample formulation


✔  Easy to use with lower melting point. Does not require high heat in emulsification process.

✔  With HLB value of 8, easy to emulsify with common emulsifiers.

✔  Light color and fragrance-free; doesn’t affect the color and smell of the finished product.

✔  Can be used in rinse-off formulations as moisturizer.

Cerin® CB100 is an excellent moisturizing active for creams that enhance the skin’s protective barrier. For sample requests, message us or click this link:



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