Chemrez joins Philbeauty 2018

Pasay City, Philippines—Chemrez Technologies, Inc., a leading manufacturer of customized and specialty ingredients for food, cosmetics, and healthcare, joined PhilBeauty 2018, the country’s largest international beauty trade show, as a major exhibitor of green materials.

 Chemrez showcased its natural ingredients derived from sustainable coconut oil that are used widely in soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, detergents, and dishwashing liquids. These include eco-friendly coconut surfactants, emollients, and sulfate-free and petroleum-free bases that are all readily biodegradable.

 Brand owners, distributors and other potential clients, including start-up businesses all looking for alternative substitutes to chemical ingredients, were briefed on the company’s naturally derived products. These coconut-based ingredients can also be customized for a wide range of skin care, personal care and baby care product formulations to match the needs of its customers.

 Also highlighted by Chemrez is its very own COCOPURE, naturally derived sulfate-free system and petroleum-free bases that are specially customized for a wide range of care product formulations. Allergen-free and non-GMO, COCOPURE is a functional base made from natural ingredients that are safe for both end-users and the environment. Visitors were able to touch, feel and sample the earth-friendly ingredients at the Chemrez booth.

 Held at the SMX Convention Center, the three-day event drew thousands of local and international visitors, serving as a gateway for industry professionals to be up-to-date with the latest innovations and current trends in the beauty industry. Local and international suppliers from color cosmetics, skin care, hair care, spa and wellness, packaging and machinery, among others, also participated in the event.

To know more about COCOPURE and other related products, visit our Personal Care and Hygiene page.



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